Early fog symptoms

I first noticed something wasn’t quite right when I was living in the UK in mid-2010, just before my 30th birthday. I can remember playing a game of Scrabble in the English countryside with my Dad. As I looked down at my letters, trying to work out the best word I could play, I can recall a slight tingling feeling in my mind. Too slight for me to pay much attention to at the time but enough in hindsight that I can recall the moment it all began, the onset of something much worse to come.

In September of that year, I was on holidays in Israel, getting ready to set out for breakfast, applying sun cream and trying to figure out an exciting itinerary from my Lonely Planet guidebook for the day ahead. That was the first time I really started to wonder what was going on in my head. The front of my brain felt really uncomfortable, it’s hard to explain as it’s almost not a physical sensation but I could feel a throbbing and warmth in my forehead or mind, it’s hard to distinguish. This was the first time I can recall that it actually became uncomfortable to think.

These symptoms of fogginess became more frequent and more pervasive when I returned to work in London. I work as a Commercial Manager and my day-to-day work requires me to take in a lot of information, analyse it and collaborate with others extensively. At first I really didn’t know what was going on. I was in a meeting, staring at a PowerPoint presentation but none of the information was sticking in my memory, it felt uncomfortable to look at the screen. One of the senior sales managers came to speak to me one morning and I couldn’t take in what he was saying. I was trying to repeat what he was saying to me in my head, hoping it would stick the second time but to no avail. I had a problem and needed a solution quickly.

One thing I noticed very early on was that the symptoms always seemed to be strongest in the morning, they would generally have dissipated by late afternoon.

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