These 2 amazing photos show how my brain fog lifted at a cellular level

To some extent, the story of my recovery from brain fog is lacking in scientific detail. This is largely because I couldn’t absorb most of the detail that my medical practitioner was telling me. My spaghetti head just wouldn’t allow it. The first time I saw this terrific lady, she asked me what I ate each day, checked my pulse and took a small droplet of blood and put it under a microscope. The first picture below shows what my blood cells looked like under 100 times magnification when I first saw her. Notice how jagged all of the cells are. She told me that I had the blood of a 90 year old and that my digestion was terrible. Luckily, she said it was easily fixed!

Live blood analysis - 11 September 2012

Live blood analysis – 11 September 2012

After this consultation I was told to eliminate dairy from my diet and to reduce my meat intake to 3-4 meals per week. I was also told to take a vegetable-based digestive aid and some tablets to build up my gut flora. I also started taking dairy free probiotics each day. I don’t think I quite stuck to the meat limitation but I definitely halved my previous meat intake which was pretty much twice a day. It’s quite miraculous, but apart from starting to feel a lot less foggy within 48 hours of these changes, the change in my live blood sample in less than 6 months is just phenomenal. The photo below shows how my cells had recovered to be perfectly round, just like they should be in a health young man.

Live blood analysis - 28 February 2013

Live blood analysis – 28 February 2013

I’m not a doctor and didn’t even expect that you could see things like this under a plain old microscope, but I think it’s amazing. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to this medical practitioner, she is so much more enlightened than most GPs. I still don’t really understand how she knew it was dairy and meat that were causing me so many issues, and not gluten. Either way, I would highly recommend that anyone suffering from brain fog seek out a medical professional who is going to focus on digestion and diet as the primary method for trying to tackle this soul-destroying disease. I feel pretty sure that pills and procedures are not the way to go.

2 thoughts on “These 2 amazing photos show how my brain fog lifted at a cellular level

  1. Heather Menzel

    Hiya! Thank you for making the time to share your thoughts and experiences. I know that some thing(s) is unbalanced within me and your blog is giving me inspiration to keep searching for the right solutions for me.
    I crave sugars (used to have a major binging habit!) but have cut back on them significantly. I never used to exercise; now I do yoga and light exercise (still need more of that!). I eat more nuts and seeds and add coconut flakes to my salads. I get plenty of sleep, I meditate, I don’t smoke and it’s very rare that I drink anything with alcohol in it. I take vitamin D and a B complex daily. All of this has helped with depression significantly! However, I still have brain fog regularly and mild anxiety pretty much all the time.
    I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration as I continue to work toward feeling “complete” and self-assured. I’m going to start a food diary for the first time in my life… Write down what I eat and later make notes about how I feel afterward. If I don’t notice any specific triggers, I’ll finally look into a holistic dietrician. I’m not sure why I feel so nervous about that… Maybe I’m afraid of giving up pasta and white rice! (I love them so much!)

    1. spaghettiheadmaster Post author

      Thanks Heather. I haven’t had much feedback on my blog so far but your post confirms that I might be helping people in some small way. The food diary is a great tool. There are some good apps too that you can put in what you eat and how you feel at various times of the day, it then uses some analytical tools to try to identify which foods aren’t doing you any good. I’m still evolving my diet, adding more vegan protein and fats and reducing sugars which seems to be helping too (possibly material for my next post). I miss some of the foods that I’ve given up on my journey back to health but I don’t ever miss the fuzzy head. Good luck on your journey and please write to me to tell me how you’re tracking. All the best, Paul


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