Beat brain fog with water

Hi All,

I made a major discovery a month ago and it’s made a massive difference to my mental clarity and energy levels. Since my brain fog surfaced 7 years ago, I’ve made major inroads into overcoming it through changes to my diet. Now I am pleased to say that I feel back to 100% almost all of the time, and the simple secret…water!

I have always explained the sensation of brain fog to other people as feeling like I’ve got a hangover, just without the alcohol. I’ve tried a number of natural remedies over the years but it only occurred to me a month ago to try drinking the recommended amount of water each day (about 2.5 litres). It has really made such a big difference and I wonder if the reason could be that one of the causes of brain fog is dehydration of the brain, much like a hangover. Either way, about 8-10 glasses of water a day seems to do the trick.

The thing I can’t believe is that I didn’t find this solution earlier. I have read widely and seen a number of doctors and naturopaths to find a cure but never came across improving hydration as a suggested remedy. I still believe that improving my digestion through changing my diet has been the single most important factor in my recovery, but the addition of significant amounts of water has been the kicker I’ve been searching for.

The only negative associated with this change is that I have to go to the bathroom a lot but a secondary benefit has been an improvement in my skin, which is almost glowing! Either way, it’s got to be the simplest, most natural, and cheapest remedy for brain fog going around. Try it!!! I’m extremely interested to see whether anyone else suffering from brain fog notices major improvements in their mental clarity and energy levels after increasing their hydration.

I hope this post helps you.


2 thoughts on “Beat brain fog with water

  1. Andres

    i have been suffering with brain fog / derealization for months now going to 8-9. i have been drinking large amounts of water everyday and notice a big difference. lmk if u find anymore remedys or ways to snap out of this weird feeling and back to my normal self.


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