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The mornings are always the foggiest

I’ve always found that the mornings were the foggiest time of day. It’s taken me a long time to figure out why this is the case. The life-changing medical practitioner I saw explained that this was to do with the Eastern concept of “damp” or “heat” building up in the body overnight and being released during the day. I haven’t researched these concepts in any depth but I can relate to the idea of a build up and clearing of some elements in my body throughout the day. I have come to know that what I consume and the activity that I do during the day are responsible for the level of build up and the speed of release.

The things that contributed the most to my morning fog, number 1 being the most damaging, were the following:

  1. Eating meat, fish, eggs or dairy foods in the evening
  2. Eating too much in the evening
  3. Not sleeping enough
  4. Having a hot shower in the morning
  5. Taking Seretide in the morning to treat my asthma (I recommend Flixotide instead)
  6. Drinking alcohol in the evening

Do you ever notice that your stomach churns and bubbles after you eat certain foods? Before I became foggy, I never paid any attention to how my stomach reacted to food. I recommend listening closely to your body and seeing if certain foods are disrupting your digestion. Discovering the link between poor digestion and brain fog is the most important discovery in recovering from the illness.

Unsurprisingly, what I recommend doing is pretty much the opposite of the list above. If you haven’t already started down the vegan path, I recommend that you consider it. My diet is based on eating lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. I never thought I would change my diet so significantly, but there is simply no comparison between a life eating what you want and being in a haze most of the time, and a life of being vegan and feeling clear and energetic each day. I used to eat meat twice a day and loads of dairy with every meal. I started the change in my diet by removing dairy immediately, as suggested by my doctor, and reducing my meat intake to once a day. Once I felt the benefits, and I did within 48 hours, it became easy to transition to veganism.

I will explain more about the hot showers in another post.

All the best,