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Excellent article on natural brain fog cures

Hi All,

I just read an article about natural brain fog cures that I wanted to share with you. I read through it and think that this guy, Dr Axe, really seems to know what he’s talking about. I like his holistic approach and the way he links together a lot of wisdom that I’ve seen written elsewhere.

Happy reading -> Brain Fog Article by Dr Axe


These 2 amazing photos show how my brain fog lifted at a cellular level

To some extent, the story of my recovery from brain fog is lacking in scientific detail. This is largely because I couldn’t absorb most of the detail that my medical practitioner was telling me. My spaghetti head just wouldn’t allow it. The first time I saw this terrific lady, she asked me what I ate each day, checked my pulse and took a small droplet of blood and put it under a microscope. The first picture below shows what my blood cells looked like under 100 times magnification when I first saw her. Notice how jagged all of the cells are. She told me that I had the blood of a 90 year old and that my digestion was terrible. Luckily, she said it was easily fixed!

Live blood analysis - 11 September 2012

Live blood analysis – 11 September 2012

After this consultation I was told to eliminate dairy from my diet and to reduce my meat intake to 3-4 meals per week. I was also told to take a vegetable-based digestive aid and some tablets to build up my gut flora. I also started taking dairy free probiotics each day. I don’t think I quite stuck to the meat limitation but I definitely halved my previous meat intake which was pretty much twice a day. It’s quite miraculous, but apart from starting to feel a lot less foggy within 48 hours of these changes, the change in my live blood sample in less than 6 months is just phenomenal. The photo below shows how my cells had recovered to be perfectly round, just like they should be in a health young man.

Live blood analysis - 28 February 2013

Live blood analysis – 28 February 2013

I’m not a doctor and didn’t even expect that you could see things like this under a plain old microscope, but I think it’s amazing. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to this medical practitioner, she is so much more enlightened than most GPs. I still don’t really understand how she knew it was dairy and meat that were causing me so many issues, and not gluten. Either way, I would highly recommend that anyone suffering from brain fog seek out a medical professional who is going to focus on digestion and diet as the primary method for trying to tackle this soul-destroying disease. I feel pretty sure that pills and procedures are not the way to go.